On her way home from work on a stormy September evening, Executive Director - VIP Services Beatrice Yeung saw a man, soaking wet, standing helplessly beside his broken-down car on the Sai Wan Bridge.

Beatrice knew she could not just leave him standing there in the pouring rain, so she pulled over to the side, grabbed an umbrella and ran up to him. As she opened the bright red, Wynn 5th Anniversary umbrella over his head, the man immediately asked her, “Are you from Wynn?”

Beatrice smiled and said, “Yes…have you called anyone to come and get you yet?”

“No! I am new to Macau, and don’t know who to call,” he said. So Beatrice pulled out her phone and immediately dialed the only emergency number she knew: 999.

When she got through, they transferred her call to a car rescue team and told her they would be on the scene in 10 minutes to help.

The following day, a man by the name of Jose – who also happens to be a very important government official – wrote to say thank you. Beatrice had not known the man’s name or just how long he had been standing in the rain until he wrote: “After being there for about 20 minutes without anyone stopping, you were an angel to help me. Thank you so much for your help, kindness and courtesy. I have no words for how grateful I am.”

And Jose still has that umbrella!
Sometimes it’s the quiet guests, not the vocal ones, who pose the greatest challenge to Wing Lei’s high-service team.

A new guest had begun visiting the restaurant every day during his one-month stay. He clearly loved the food, but at each time his tea went untouched. When Assistant Manager Stephanie Lee noticed this, she brought him water to drink as well. When this too was ignored, Stephanie wondered how she could enhance the guest’s meal with the perfect beverage.

Paying close attention to detail, Stephanie noticed he did not drink alcohol, so she approached our inventive bartender and asked him to create a special mocktail.

“Initially, the guest took some convincing because he had never tried, or even heard of, a mocktail before,” recalls Stephanie. “But at the end of that meal, his glass was empty and he was noticeably happier.”

On his next visit, he asked for the same drink. But upon seeing that his food order was different, Stephanie tailored a new mocktail.

By the end of his one-month stay, the guest had tried many different mocktails. Stephanie has even created a personal mocktail menu just for this guest. Whenever he visits Wynn, he is eager to discover what new flavors Wing Lei’s ‘mocktail sommelier’ has created for him.

Stephanie’s story is a great example of the impact one person can have on a guest when we get creative.
After a month of intense and challenging training, Dealer Chio Wa passed the final test to become a qualified Roulette dealer.

Reflecting back on how she passed the exam, Wa’s eyes filled with tears of gratitude. Pit Manager Ran Wong taught her everything he knew and did whatever he could to ensure she had every chance of succeeding.

“Although we wanted to do well, some of us were struggling to learn everything. So Ran offered extra training time and he gave us plenty of individual attention,” Wa said. 

Ran volunteered to come two hours earlier every day, so that his students could make the most of the time they had to learn.

“Throughout the training, my nerves affected me, and I often fell short of expectations,” she said. “But every time I felt myself failing, my teacher would lift me up and encourage me to work harder.”

“Through every trial, he motivated us to do our best,” Wa added. “His dedication never faltered, so I didn’t want to let him down.”

Wa will never forget her teacher Ran and his devotion to helping her succeed.
One summer day in 2008, the Typhoon Signal 8 was hoisted as strong winds hit Macau. Suddenly, a powerful gust of wind blew in an external door, injuring one of our security guards. Tony Chan rushed to the scene and temporarily secured the door. Concerned about the possibility of future injuries and damage, Tony started to think hard about a better solution.

Using his own initiative, Tony designed and created a prototype handle for the door locking bars. Tony then worked with his team to make a soft face to protect the millwork, and designed the actual handle to meet the high standards required for front of house fixtures.

His solution not only stops the handles from rattling in heavy winds and keeps the doors from blowing wide open, it also helps prevent damage to the hotel during the typhoon season.

Tony’s superiors were very impressed with his proactive effort and his innovative solution. Tony’s striving to be better produced an excellent outcome: the device he invented is used whenever strong winds are forecast.
A woman stood at the entrance to the men’s restroom with a worried look on her face. Her husband was in a wheelchair, and she had pushed him as far as she could go...

Fortunately, just at that moment, Public Area Cleaner Lam Kam Meng (now Assistant Supervisor) appeared.

Noticing her concern, Meng offered to wheel him into the restroom for her.

Meng pushed him in, and just as he was about to give him some privacy, he looked back and saw that the man was struggling to get out of the wheelchair.

“He was shaking as he tried to stand up. I could not just leave him there, so I asked him if he would mind if I stayed and helped,” Meng said.

The man, who had been too embarrassed to ask, was very grateful to Meng for offering to stay with him.

Meng supported him all the while, helped him with his clothes and then wheeled him over to the sink to wash his hands.

After drying his hands, the man reached for his wallet to give Meng a small tip and said: “Thank you so much. You really went out of your way to offer good service for me.”

“I was very touched by how Meng not only pushed the man into the restroom, but stayed with him to make sure he was really ok,” Jason Tang, Public Area Training Manager. “He did not have to do that, but it just shows how much he cares about our guests. Meng also shared his tip with the team.”
One day, Wynn Club Gaming Supervisor Keng Tam approached Kenny Bee with a rather unusual question: “Do you think you could help my husband find his seven brothers and sisters in Malaysia?”

At just three years old, Keng’s husband Wei, lost his father. His uncle raised him like his own. Even when Wei’s uncle had to move away to Malaysia for work, he never stopped looking after him, sending clothes to Macau as often as he could. While in Malaysia, his uncle had seven children. They were Wei’s only family, and after years of searching for them, he was desperate to see them.

Upon hearing Wei’s story, Kenny said he would be more than happy to help, not knowing the challenges ahead in Malaysia.

First of all, the address was incomplete. “Keng gave me a street address, but no city!” Kenny said. “I had no clue as to where they might live.”

He asked several postmen in Malaysia to see if they could figure it out. Finally, one postman said he thought it could be Penang. Kenny contacted the major newspapers there and said he wanted to place a front-page missing persons ad.

To Kenny’s surprise, the newspapers rejected his request to buy an ad.

“I thought they’d be happy I was placing an ad, but they told me they wouldn’t take responsibility for a missing persons ad. They insisted that I find someone in a government position who would be a guarantor.”

Kenny spent the next three days of his holiday looking for a Datuk (a high-ranking official in Malaysia). Finally, his friend introduced him to someone, and they went back to the papers in Penang. He told them to run the ads for a week.

Two days later, while Kenny was driving from Penang to Kuala Lumpur, his phone rang. Someone had seen the ad!

Within 10 days, the entire family was reunited in Penang, where they met for the first time.
Wynn Stories

Storytelling is an art as old as mankind itself. Every culture uses the power of story to share their values and ideas – to educate and inspire. Wynn Resorts, and the unique culture we've created, is no different.

Wynn has a set of simple core values that we instill in all our employees:

Care about everyone and everything
Show never-ending attention to detail
Take responsibility; don't leave it to others
Always strive to be better

How we share and demonstrate these values is through our own Storytelling Program. Through this initiative, employees are invited to share the moments when they excel – when they have that perfect guest interaction, when they discover a way to improve our operations, when they truly hit those core values on the head and go above and beyond. In the process, their stories provide inspiration to their coworkers and guide them to reach higher themselves.

Hear Some Of Our Stories
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